Disney Global Product, Associate 3D Modeling Manager, 06/2022 ~ 07/2023
3D creation of ornaments, collectible figures, and home décor.
File preparation for production. 3D printing and 3D scanning. KeyShot rendering.
Create 3D sculptures of new characters for the asset library.
Cubic Mission & Performance Solutions, 3D Artist, 10/2021 ~ 05/2022
3D creation of game-ready 3D assets for military training. Texture creation of game assets.
Import of game assets into the game engines, both Unity and Unreal Engine.
CAC G Contractor
Bullerin Studio LLC, Business Owner, 5/2015 ~ Present
Specializing in the 3D creation of license entities into various products and toys. Both 3D sculpting and CAD modeling. 3D Design, 3D rendering, and 3D printed prototypes. Star Wars, TMNT, Nemo, Batman, Disney, MLP, Pusheen.
MZ Berger & Company, Technical Creative Director, 5/2011 ~ 4/2015
Provided 3D design services for the Toys, Personal Care, and Clocks divisions of MZ Berger. Creation of 3D models that include both organic characters and mechanical structures. Texturing and painting of 3D models. Realistic 3D rendering of product designs. 3D printed prototypes. Produce final 3D files and specification drawings for tooling and production in China. Communicate with China on production progress and project status. Licenses: Crayola, Angry Bird, Lego, Monster High, Skylander, 1D, Hello Kitty Monster University, Spider-Man, Hot Wheels, Disney Princess, My Little Pony
Keenan Associates Design, Industrial Designer, 4/2001 ~ 7/2010
Design of multi-material Point-of-purchase displays.
Production of multi-material Point-of-purchase prototypes and displays.
Specialize in 3D CAD renderings and animation. Produce artwork for a sample and final production.
Manage and maintain the Art Department services. Clients include L'Oréal, Ralph Lauren, Garnier, Soft Sheen, Goldwell,
Sally Hershberger, Johnson & Johnson, Johnny Walker, Saranac, Banfi Vintners
Deutsch Inc., Film Editor - Animator, 6/2005 ~ 9/2005
Create animations for presentations and commercials. Create and edit custom videos for clients and sales. Clients include Orville Redenbacher's, Lowe's, and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts.
Markson Rosenthal & Company, Industrial Designer, 9/1997 ~ 4/2001
Specialize in 3D CAD renderings of displays and product design.
Produced video presentations that included live-action and computer animation.
Clients include Pepsi, Gillette, L’Oréal, Clairol, Proctor & Gamble, Redken, Cheseboro Ponds
Sunder Graphics Inc., President, and Founder, 12/1993 ~ 4/1997
Specialize in 3D CAD renderings of displays and product design. Clients include Pepsi, Loreal, Clairol, Proctor & Gamble, Redken, Cheseboro Ponds, Markson Rosenthal & Co, and Swatch.
Citibank, Graphics Designer, 3/1993 ~ 12/1993
Design business presentations; chart and graph financial information; typesetting; copy editing.
Computer Graphic Resources, Graphics Designer, 3/1993 ~ 9/1993
Design slide presentations, brochures, and advertisements. Provided computer training and technical support; Interviewed, hired, and trained prospective employees.
Harper Audio A Division of Harper Collins Publishers, Art Director, 10/92 ~ 1/93
Graphic design department for books on tape. Design type, composition, art, and color layout for audio packages. Created mechanical for offset printing and inspected prepress proof. Copy editing for producers, clients, and copywriters.
Miramax Film, Graphic Designer, 10/91 ~ 10/92
Creative art department; Designed movie posters (Hellraiser III, Enchanted April, Johnny Suede, etc.). Administer computer training, technical support, and computer maintenance.
Maya - 3ds Max
Substance Painter
Photoshop – Illustrator
After Effects
Premiere Pro-Final Cut Pro
Unity - Unreal Engine
Kongsberg Sample Cutting Table
3D Printing - 3D Scanning
Prototype – Sample Creation
Windows OS, Mac OS, Unix/Linux
Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies - Spring 2007
Richard William
Animation Master Class - 05/1998
Sheridan College
Computer Animation - 1/97- 8/1997 
School of Visual Arts
Graphics Design - 1992-94
Alfred E. Smith High School
High School Diploma in Carpentry - 1989
POPAI 2004 Best of Industry Semi-Permanent Award
"L'Oreal Juicy Tubes Re-launch" Injection Molded Counter
POPAI 2004 Best of Industry Permanent Award
"Johnny Walker Blue Glorifier" Lighted Metal/Acrylic Lock Box
POPAI 2002 Best of Industry Temporary Award
"Target L'Oreal First Look" Corrugated/Vacuum Formed Endcap

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